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Supratec, where trading
and engineering meet

We develop synergies between our two lines of work: technical trading and engineering. These drive us to the development of new technologies, the industrialisation of new products, and the integration of turnkey solutions.

The duality of our model allows us the flexibility to come closer to future industry challenges.

Technical Trading

Thanks to rigorous sourcing and the expert distribution of our products, we wholly express the innovating potential of our partners’ solutions. We become a link in our clients’ production processes and a key component of their end product.

Engineering & Integration

Our design offices tackle issues expressed by our clients, and above all pre-empt their needs by offering them unprecedented solutions. This spirit pushes us to innovate by proposing “Engineering as a Process” in support of our clients’ performance.

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Supratec innovation is embodied in our “front-runner” creations. They improve manufacturers’ production performance and position the Individual at the heart of future industry challenges according to three approaches:

  • Ergonomics
  • Safety
  • Sustainable Development


The first modular ergonomic manipulator solution – fixed or mobile – that is entirely electrical and autonomous.

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The first automatic cleaning and disinfection solution for agri-food conveyor belts.

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The first made-to-measure manipulator arm that can automatically carry out complex assembly processes.

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