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Service Culture

Providing the best service, anticipating needs, satisfying demands and exceeding expectations by offering our clients the best quality product or service.

This is our Number 1 Focus.


Solidarity comes from sharing expertise, activities and internal resources for better collaboration.

It allows for synergies to be created between our different brands on a single project.


Being transparent about our strategy, our figures and all our actions defines our daily way of operating.

It reassures, establishes our credibility and strengthens the trust of our employees, partners and clients.


We face the industrial challenges of tomorrow in the spirit of social, societal and environmental responsibility.

The environmental dimension is built into our lines of work and we guarantee the social acceptability of our activities in the territories.


The basis of any healthy relationship is formed around respect, and the same applies to professional relationships.

We respect our clients’ product specifications, objectives and time frames, and we respect our associates by giving them the means to do their job well.