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Integration and guidance for new hires

Our associates are given guidance from the very start. An integration meeting is organised in order to introduce them to our different lines of work and our corporate culture.

A “feedback report” is also sent to each new hire at the end of their 1st month of employment so that everyone can give their view on the welcome they received.

They are guided by their manager and benefit from several meetings during their probation period.

Recreational communication tools allow for friendly exchanges via our Company Social Network!

A policy of diversity

We place particular importance on respecting all our associates and their diversity.

For several years we have been coming together to roll out concrete actions to the benefit of:

  • professional integration
  • reducing inequalities by creating an environment that respects differences
  • employability of workers with disabilities

Student-apprenticeships, mutual accommodation and three-party commitment

Apprenticeships are a recurring practice for us. We welcome university students in their third year, mainly in Sales and Design Office.

Working with student-apprentices offers several advantages:

  • Integrating motivated people who are in a “training state” of mind
  • Benefiting from the potential for objectivity acquired from their academic environment
  • Having a mutual accommodation period with a view to a permanent contract

In order to encourage the integration and investment of our student-apprentices, we have put different management tools into place:

  • Regular individual meetings with tutors, who also take part in training sessions in order to best carry out their role
  • A “feedback report” to be completed in the 1st month, in which they give their opinion on their welcome
  • An annual barometer to mark management and express their wishes

Each year we organise the “student-apprenticeship speech” where each student-apprentice is invited to present two subjects before their company, school tutors and management team.