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GIFAS has launched the national programme to improve the performance of the aerospace Supply Chain within the framework of the Strategic Committee of the Aerospace Industry: “Industrial Performance” – a new course towards Industrial Excellence.

The project aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs by optimising their industrial maturity, reorganising the client/supplier relationship while improving working conditions, and developing and capitalising on jobs in the sector.

Thanks to the recommendation of Safran Electronics & Defense, SUPRATEC JMD has integrated the programme since December 2017 for a period of 2 years, with an assessment scheduled for September 2019.

Following its selection from among 5 other companies, also major suppliers of Safran Electronics & Defense, the head of the programme’s cluster, SUPRATEC JMD has achieved its maturity assessment.

43 bricks in 4 domains (MRP2, flow systems, quality and supplies) have been studied. This assessment aims to place each brick on a level: foundation, basic, maturity, excellence.

At the end of May, SUPRATEC JMD has identified possible improvements and determined its action plan.

Since then, our brand has been enjoying a personalised follow-up with a monthly report and meetings every 3 months with the SMEs of the programme.

The last meeting took place at SUPRATEC JMD itself in June.