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Responsible growth: the heart of the Supratec CSR Strategy

Our CSR Strategy was developed in 2016 and adopted in 2017 It is structured around 3 approaches and 10 action principles. It contains 37 commitments, 10 of which are key objectives that make up our CSR barometer.


1. Market/Innovation

Innovating to develop new offers around energy and environment efficacy, ergonomics and safety in the workplace : we anticipate market evolution by providing unprecedented solutions that fall within this approach: SteamFlex steam cleaners, intelligent labels, ergonomic hatch lifters Egid for opening road inspection chambers, ergonomic modular SML manipulators, and so on.

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2. Environment and Social Acceptability

Integrating an environmental dimension into our lines of work and guaranteeing the social acceptability of our activities in the territories : we guarantee our clients a high level of environmental, social and societal requirements in the products and services we develop.

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3. Social Cohesion/HR

Increasing appeal, efficacy and social cohesion : we are improving well-being at work and developing professionalism, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and integration into employment.

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CSR results

In 2017, we pursued our development, based on innovating our products and services.

The year was marked by the implementation and first applications of our 2017-2020 Social Responsibility strategy.
The first project sites were launched, including energy assessments for our premises and industrial facilities.
We also joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative for social responsibility.

We now have the EN 9120 V 2016, EN 9100 V 2016 and ISO 9001 V 2015 certifications.
You can consult them directly at the level of each brand.

Our brands Our brands
We developed new offers around energy and environment efficacy, ergonomics and safety in the workplace : SML, the first assembly line for autonomous and self-guided aeronautical engines ; SteamFlex, automatic cleaning and disinfection solution for foodstuff conveyors saving 90% of water ; and Egid, safeguarded urban hatch.
We invested 2.5% of turnover in R&D in 2017. We predict a 5% investment as we approach 2022.
ISO 14001
The process for environmental certification was launched.
EN 9001
The EN 9100 certification specific to aeronautics (quality management) was carried out in February 2018.
We wrote the Responsible Purchasing Charter in 2017 and 64 charters were sent to our main suppliers and sub-contractors at the start of 2018.
SteamFlex, a technology that respects the environment, is one of the examples of development implemented by our teams to offer new products around energy and environment efficacy, ergonomics and safety in the workplace.
1.149 million kWh
Our total energy consumption in 2017 decreased by 3% in comparison to 2016. We carried out an energy assessment of our buildings and industrial facilities. The recommendations will be implemented in 2018-2020 in order to reach the 30% energy savings target.
70.8 tonnes
In 2017, the volume of non-hazardous waste was 70.8 tonnes. Its volume was down 1.3% compared to 2016.
The response rate from suppliers to the REACH questionnaire reached 49% in 2017 thanks to increasing reminders from Supratec (43% in 2016).
7 tonnes
We used 7 tonnes of paper in 2017.
Shared Culture
In 2017, we gave regular updates on the progress of our CSR policy : quarterly meetings with our associates ; internal communication methods ; CSR awareness sessions ; integration of CSR elements into our senior managers’ individual objectives ; raising our associates’ awareness on eco habits ; and carrying out a human resources report.
The safety of our product users has improved with the development of new services such as the SML. This equipment improves the working conditions of engineers and prevents risks of musculoskeletal disorders.
Ateliers du moulin / VIE Project
In 2017, we continued to support actions and organisations of general interest in the territories we operate in : the partnership with the Ateliers du moulin (ESAT) was renewed ; participation in meetings with companies in the Bondoufle territory on the future of the industrial site (VIE Project) was renewed.
We had 11 apprenticeship contracts and training contracts for young people in 2017.
We reported on raising awareness of and training on accident prevention. And the occupational accident frequency rate was 19 in 2017.
In 2017, 71% of our associates benefited from at least one training session.
We are continuing our training and individual guidance plan in order to guarantee our associates the means to grow and achieve. 60% of individual meetings were carried out in 2017.
We are continuing to fight against any discrimination and fight for diversity. Recruitment efforts have been undertaken to reach gender equality by 2020. In 2017, 40% of our associates were women.
Our policy in favour of workers with disabilities was maintained and expanded. In 2017, 7% of our workforce were workers with disabilities. A charter of professional ethics was also created for our associates.