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Visual Inspection technology for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of parts

SUPRATEC EVO is a result of the strategic alliance between SUPRATEC and TPSH with the aim of offering hi-tech expertise for 100% automated and robotized Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) operations of complex parts and assemblies and adaptive processes.

Through the development of NDT systems and adaptive robotic processes, SUPRATEC EVO enhances the technological expertise offered by “eFactory┬« by Supratec” with digitalization and robotic Visual Inspection solutions:

  • eView – 2D/3D real-time non-destructive testing of parts and sub-assemblies
  • eShine – Robotic adaptive polishing cell
  • eScan – Robotic / automated confocal measurement system

SUPRATEC EVO “Engineering” technologies are deployed in the automotive and aircraft manufacturing sectors in response to the challenges of automating processes in Industry 4.0.

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