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the brand SUPRATEC JMD

SUPRATEC JMD responds to identification and industrial traceability challenges with its expertise in complex technical marking.

100% integrated manufacturer of technical labels, Lexan front panels, metal plates and cut-to-measure adhesive, SUPRATEC JMD is the single contact point starting from the project’s design phase. The teams carry out every process, including material processing, cutting and printing, at the 2 production sites located in France.

Thanks to its expertise in processing adhesive materials for technical (more or less resistant or technological), complex (according to the constraints of application), and made-to-measure (through lamination of over 700 material items available) marking components, SUPRATEC JMD designs the solution to match the client’s constraints.

For each application, SUPRATEC JMD is involved in the recommendation of materials, adhesives, and marking inks.

Traceability is a major concern for the Industry of the Future. Using this perspective, SUPRATEC JMD integrates RFID and NFC radio-frequency identification technologies in its range of technical solutions. The lamination processes ensure resistance to the most extreme constraints and guarantee data integrity.

SUPRATEC JMD has the EN 9100 V 2018 certification and the ISO 9001 V 2015 certification.

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