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the brand Suprasteam

What do Ferrero, Michelin, the UH of Versailles and Autolib have in common? They all have a Suprasteam saturated steam cleaning solution!

Saturated steam, you say? Heat water to a very high temperature (180°C), place it under high pressure (10 bar), and you achieve a jet of “saturated” steam, also known as “dry steam” due to its very low consumption of water. And that’s not all: its cleaning action is ultra-efficient, antibacterial, requires no chemicals, and generates very few effluents.

In the space of 10 years, Suprasteam has become the French specialist in cleaning solutions with saturated steam technology for professionals and manufacturers.

What is the cause of this popularity?

Agri-food manufacturers, service providers of car cleaning and repairs, players in the mechanics industry, health establishments, industrial kitchens or operators of public spaces: they all share the absolute necessity to clean, scour, degrease and disinfect their tools and working environments effectively and quickly, whilst reconciling the priorities of sustainable practices and respect for individuals.

For them, Suprasteam designs, develops and manufactures a range of saturated steam technology solutions (mobile or fixed, standard or made-to-measure) and accessories, each one more ingenious than the last. They can then optimise their cleaning processes and improve their performance.

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